So, you want a story…

This is my first post to The Tale of Ashmores and I’m intending it to be the first of very many, like so many it hurts to think about it. As an author, I see myself as a world builder, a brainstormer who gets carried away. The Tale of Ashmores is a supercell of a story. I’m excited to share it in this format, because I don’t think I would exist in any other format. So, if you’re looking for a story, I’ve got one for you. It won’t be for the weak of heart, but I don’t think you’re what anyone would consider to be weak of heart.

Anyway, the selfless plugs and requests, let’s get them over with:

  1. Like what you’re reading? Comment, let me know. I read all of them and I’ll try to respond if you have questions. Tell your friends, encourage me to go on!
  2. If you really like my characters, my style, etc; and have a little scratch to spend, check out my ebooks. There’s one out recently titled: The Red Queen. You’ll love it, I promise.
  3. If you like my work and you want to see more of it, without having spare scratch or no patience to wait for next week’s chapter, then head over to I’m partnering with them to write some fine work.

Overall, I want to thank you for being here. I hope to entertain you and I’m more than ready for the challenge. Have fun and enjoy what you’re reading.

So, you want a story…

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